Sunday, December 22, 2013

Prints Are Now Available !

...and I found the file. That took long enough!

Now when you go to the tabs at the top of the homepage here you wcan access the different galleries with information on what original works are still available and what is available in print form. The prints come in different finishes (paper/canvas/metal/acrylic) and as 5x7 cards. All the information regarding prints can also be accessed right here

I still have more images to load here and over at the printers, so check back for updates. I will need to get working too, my inventory of originals is getting pretty low.

Better get working!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Maybe I found it?

Referring the the box with my art file information in. I was beginning to wonder if it had vapourized....when I spotted a likely candidate. It would be nice to update those pages at the top with the rest of the images and the information!

Meantime I've discovered some more Scavenger Hunt items that I did in Artrage. (all the way back in August)
I've done some in a traditional sketchbook, which I have not even scanned yet. The Hunt was over before I had unpacked the scanner. But hey! We're getting there settling back in!

This polymer clay necklace is so old, but I still love wearing it. It was one of the first I made.

And these seed pods are so pretty. They have perfectly round little black seeds in them that look like round beads.

I'm looking forward to hauling out the paper pack, trimming a piece of Stonehenge....and drawing...then again, maybe it'll be Arches and watercolours...hmmmmmm

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Website rapture?

Hmmmmm my sitekreator website finally disappeared. It was very good while it lasted.
Instead I decided to simply incorporate the lost site with the blog here. see above I've added pages to the blog. You are currently 'home'. The other links will take you to samples of my work. I only just discovered that I'm website less, and am in the process of packing to move in 3 weeks, so this will be under construction for a while. Please be patient with me as I integrate all this.

I actually think it will flow together nicely to have my work all in one place.

I do have more sketches to show you. I hope to get to that this afternoon!

Watch this space!

Monday, August 12, 2013

More Scavengers Hunt and Artrage

I decided to pull out the oils in Artrage…not easy at all, but unless I treat oils like watercolours (thin layers of paint to build up colour) I struggle.

Still I feel like I am making some progress…


cup peeler #324


metal tin

Slowly but surely I’m learning how to get what I want with blobs & smears of paint at a time Winking smile

The new ‘Hunt’ was just posted and features a neat line-up. Here’s hoping I have time this week!

Go here to find the other hunts/current hunts

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Simon and The Nectarines

It is summer time...peach and nectarine time! Well, the peaches never made it to the 'let me draw you stage' least not yet, but these nectarines did not escape.

Trying out the pastel tool in the new Artrage version. It is a Scavenger Hunt entry so it is a quickie, but I feel happy I captured the fruit adequately. the plate is an entirely different story though...hehehehe

Done on 4"x6" paper so I can print these out, slip them into and album/bind them and have a sketchbook full of my digital sketches. This one is pastel.

I also managed to get a lot more done on the dog portrait I was working on, or should have been working on. I started it way back in 2011. Then for more than a year never touched it...until yesterday. Now it is done save for a few more touches here and there. After I hear from the dog's owner to make sure I captured his personality. But I'm confident that I have. He is such a character this one...Simon!

All Prisma colours on black Stonehenge paper, roughly 8"x10"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meetings and Doodling?

Seeing as the last post talked about me drawing during  a staff meeting….look what happened a couple months ago, when there was a rather nice ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper on the table – again!
I covered the paper in doodles. And recorded some stuff from the meeting to boot. Details of which I shall not disclose at this point though. Winking smile
The feather was in memory of the plaintive call ringing out over the field during the entire meeting. Like a sandpiper’s call.
Last meeting I took a book and pen, ready to doodle. And it turned out really ‘meh’ I think I do spontaneous/ incidental much better. We’ll see what happens this week during the meeting.
Do you doodle?
I have sketches to scan and as soon as I have them ready, I’ll show them here ‘k?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meetings and Sketching

If I were to have paper and pencil in every meeting I attend, I shall be sure to have lots to post to this blog.

Make note to self :-

Carry a little sketchbook  at all times…

There was a piece of paper on the table, and a pencil on the floor when I walked into the room for a staff meeting last week. Pencil and paper go together like a horse and carriage, right?

My keys, right in front of me were the obvious subjects.

For once I enjoyed a meeting and was – almost- sorry it was over Winking smileI’m just not a meeting kinda person and find myself slipping off into daydream world after 5 minutes.

Unless I draw, or keep my hands busy!


Maybe I should carry the Scavenger Hunt lists with me in my new little sketchbook-in-the-bag strategy.