Monday, October 5, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 422

Sadly I was only able to do one sketch for the hunt that I was hosting! I hurt my hand and sketching was just not comfortable, but you can see the hunt results HERE

The new hunt is on and I hope to get more than one done this time round....

Knife & fork...some oldies I got from my Mom many many moons ago!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Scavenger Hunt # 421

Maybe one day I'll get to doing something other than hunts's been a loooong time...

Scavenger Hunt #421 is on the go right now.

My #1 - Stoned fruit cut in half (well I drew it first, then pulled it apart- smelled so delicious!- drew it and then enjoyed it. It was very tasty indeed!

Managed a couple more quikies for this hunt. I do not know where the time went on this one!

# 3 - fancy frame (my idea of ;) ) pewter frames from Africa, featuring animals (surprise!! haha) these are 2 separate frames, in the drawing it looks like I have one looong frame!

# 4 - handcrafted - Napkin ring, carved beautifully, also from Africa

# 5 - something hollow - salt & pepper shakers, from Africa. The fruit is hollowed out (tastes delicious btw!) and plugged with a plastic plug (pepper shaker on the right) Animal figures and geometric designs are 'etched' into the outer layer of the fruit. (I shall have to add more shadows to this one when the paint is totally dry I think...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 420

I'm a bit late posting to this party... but here goes. The Hunt is HERE

My plan was to add something inside and next to this little tin...but that just never happened. I'm appalled by the inaccuracy of the sizes though. That lid would never fit on the bottom. Ugh.

Twig - well this one has a cone attached, but it cut such a fine figure, it had to be drawn!

I used Graphitint pencils for the colour in this. I like the Graphitint although it feels more like I'm drawing with a coloured pencil than graphite.

I had to make a little colour chart to know what colour the leads will be once water is added. I cannot tell well enough from the leads themselves

And this drawing was done with only the 'Midnight Black' Graphitint - fingers and toes look so strange when isolated from the rest of the hand/foot.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 419

Hunt 419 has been on the go since the 2nd. I finally got to drawing today -

Ink and watersoluable graphite in my Strathmore Sketchbook (5.5 x 8.5)

# 1 - Pump (from a lotion bottle)
# 2 - manmade - the dividers
# 3 - lightbulb. those all in one nightlight bulbs

Got 2 more done today...felt a bit out of sorts. Usually sketching helps to straighten me out again...not so much today...wasn't even happy with the sketches  

04 - feather light...well not so light as a feather I think. This is a big one. I drew it much smaller (the page is 8.5" across)
05 - organic (shell) 
06 - delicious snack.(chocolate in a that you can really tell. It tasted good though!)

All pen (ink) and Graphitint pencils, a touch of water soluble pencil and a few drops of wc

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hosting Scavenger Hunt # 418

I'm hosting the new Scavenger Hunt # 418 . Come and draw with us!

My first sketch is of a butterfly found dead on my petunia plant. So delicate and beautiful!

Ink and graphite

And another of a Pine Siskin feather I found on the deck. I'm amazed it hadn't blown away before I found it! I measures 2" (5cm) long! I stuck the feather onto the page, above the much larger drawing.

Interesting gardening gloves to draw. I was fascinated as to how I can suggest cloth (corduroy) and leather while still working fast in the 'spirit' of the challenge. It is one of the good sides to these quick drawings - learning how to portray different shapes/ textures/materials/angles all while working quickly but accurately.

Time for a 'still life' set-up

04 - paperclip (jumbo with butterfly attached -intended as a bookmark)
05 - roll of baker's twine
06 - zipper
07 - inch sized (the orange pawn game piece)
08 - die (multi-sided for playing math games)
09 - q-tip
10 - thread (purple embroidery floss)

11 - knitted texture- boring garter stitch should have done a cable or some such piece instead! 
12 -puzzle - Boggle game cube. Scratched up from spending years in my purse. Came in very handy back in the days of waiting for the school bus!

On the weekend I did this drawing of some beautiful crab claws Tim brought to show us. I took the picture with the claws still on the page.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Scavenger Hunt # 417

On to a new hunt #417

Since I have already drawn these in the past with ink & watercolour. I decided to go with a digital drawing instead. It is interesting to see how different they are. I rushed through the second one as it was time for lunch, but still...

The first one was done using Artrage

And the second one done in Photoshop. It's been a while since I've done digital Scavenger Hunts

# 3 - a flashlight. This is a big one...and rather wonky...sigh...

# 4 - 'thumb pressed to the palm of the hand' -  It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to fall back onto what I know/ think I know when I draw something familiar, instead of looking at it carefully and drawing what I see

# 5 - something from the fridge - this cucumber (I like them cold), the second one from the second batch to ripen in the greenhouse. The little orange pepper is small, but it's the first one to ripen and considering we nearly lost it to aphids....I'm happy it made it this far!

# 6 - three things from a drawer -  I pulled the drawer behind me open and pulled out 3 things. The best thing about these hunts ia that it gets me drawing more frequently and the next best thing is that it gets me drawing things I would otherwise never think of is both challenging and interesting as it forces me to explore many more items around me!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 416

The hunt is well on the way, so far I have 2 pages and 3 items done...ugh...but I did work on the Artrage giraffe yesterday!

This is where I'm at. Almost done now!

And here's the first Hunt item 'nature' The Oregon Grapes turn the most beautiful colours when they dry. Hubby brought me this one. The paper does not allow me to add the depth and variety of colour I would like to though...

And capturing a memory : a carved pot from Africa. It looks and feels (weight) like mahogany, but could easily be another hardwood. It has stylized trees and rhinos around the belly of the little pot. Nicely done!

One last drawing for this hunt: one day I shall have to draw toes that are not crunched...