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February Faces Challenge

At the end of January I came across Kick in the Creatives. There's a whole bunch of different art challenge ideas on the site. Do give it a look see, if you like challenges or are looking for something new or different to try.

I've been playing with a concept idea for quite a while now and decided to do the February Faces challenge just to make a start on fleshing out the concept. Really testing it for viability. Right now it is still early stages, so can't really say much about it. If it ever develops into something worth seeing, I'll show you!

Long story short - I have a few drawings here. I did not do the 28 (one a day) for the month. Interestingly I found that once I had done that preliminary exploration and  found what I was looking for, I lost interest and motivation.

Just like that.

Sad but true.

I worked in an old book - with stuck together and gessoed pages. I like the look of it. Saw it at Wetcanvas HERE. However I found that the very loosely and inconsiste…

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