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5 Minute March Challenge

5 Minute March - my plan was to post an update every week.

That did not happen! But - I did complete all 31 days. Not that it ended up being a big job.

I started the month by drawing a grid of all the days, matching the blocks to images from the pdf provided by Kick In The Creatives. I pencilled what I had planned to draw in the block and stuck to that plan for most of the days. All the references were from the pdf though, it made things so much quicker and that was a good thing in the end.

I grabbed a BIC ballpoint pen and set the timer for 5 minutes. Some time 5 minutes were too much and sometimes too little. Most of the time it was adequate though and considering that I was drawing in inch sized squares for most of the time, that makes sense.

All in all the exercise was interesting and the result not bad, but I doubt I would repeat it. In the end it was just a chore to fill the spaces.

I'm taking a break from challenges over April. Nothing really grabbed me, although the idea o…

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