Monday, April 11, 2016

Scavenger Hunt # 446

I don't seem to get anything done right now, but the occasional drawing for a Hunt...That too will change sometime I know...

Hunt 446 is almost over...

01 - From animal - a dead bumble bee, a sand dollar and a piece of shed garter snake skin

I enjoyed drawing all of those, even if the first bee was a flop.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Scavenger Hunt # 445

I'm hosting the hunt...but drawing has been very slow....Scavenger Hunt # 445

I finally got a quickie done yesterday. Life has had some interesting twists the last couple weeks. All good, just different.

01 Twig, this is the waxflower that I 'love' so pretty and the flowers smell so good!(I guess vine would be a better word for it though) I used a bic pen to draw, and a waterbrush with the watercolours. Just needed to confirm that I do not like a waterbrush for this....

02 - I saw these 'fungi' in the empty veggie bed yesterday when we were transplanting the strawberries. Fascinating stuff!

Christmas Candy still hanging less now...  yum!

03 - 'candy' I must say the attempt at making cellophane wrapped twirlies at the ends of the candy canes sure looks funny...
04 - 'paperclip' thought I'd add something blue to this

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Scavenger Hunt # 444

I totally missed Hunt 443. Yikes! And for #444 I only have these to show.

Tomorrow the new hunt starts and I'm hosting. Here's hoping I get more done!

01 - I grabbed the closest stuff to me - a notepad- to scribble this very quick sketch of a squirrel on the deck. As you know, they never sit still for long.  I added the wc later to see how the notepaper will take it.

For this page I decided to sketch with the paint(large) brush and only add wc after. Just something different for me.

02 - beans (haricots)

03 - spice - turmeric and I decided to try and paint the little pile of turmeric using turmeric. Interesting. And not very successful

04 - grabbed the first piece of fruit at hand - a banana.

At least I did better than the last hunt!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Scavenger Hunt # 442

The Hunt is on!

I had a few minutes before lunch and when I saw this potato...I had to draw it.

#1 - next botanical - or in this case agricultural- project. We'll be planting potatoes this weekend.

#2 - starts with 'A' : called 'Advance Tape Glider' hehehe just a sticky tape dispenser with a big name. But it's pink! Ha!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Scavenger Hunt # 441

The hunt finishes tomorrow....aaaahhh and I only have 2 measly drawings to show for it. Ugh.

I need to work on landscapes...that's for sure. That will be my deliberate effort for this year - as soon as the rain stops and one can actually get outside that is

1 - fave art tool(s) could not decide.

2 - view outside the window (sitting at the crafting desk)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scavenger Hunt # 440

The new hunt is on

Super slow moving here...but if little drawing gets done, it means I'm catching up on other stuff ;)

# 1 & 2 thumb nails

# 3, 4, 5  blue yellow and red. (very original choices )

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Scavenger Hunt # 439

The new hunt started a couple days ago. I'm hosting again!

I did this quickie yesterday. It was one of those (thankfully rare) days where even drawinga circle was hard pencil would not go where I wanted it to..

Magnet - 3 different magnets (challenge)
Ink and water colour in my 5.5 x 8.5 Strathmore Sketchbook.

I was only going to draw one tin, but then I saw the others and thought - why not.... so I drew 3 :)

I was thinking to myself " a lid, really, a LID??" how boring? What was I thinking putting that on the list? "

Then I looked up and saw how many lids were right in front of me on the table...

I did #4 all in ink...I always thought this radio is ugly. Now that I've drawn it, I know just HOW ugly. But the sound is good...

And #5 - a light on my desk. Ink & water soluble graphite.