Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 413

Alas I did not get any more sketches done for the last hunt. I did make good progress with my current book though ;-) ('London' by E Rutherfurd)

Hunt 413 started today!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hosting Scavenger Hunt # 412

Hunt 412 is underway and I'm hosting this round. Come and join us!

#1 - Round - had the hardest time to get this tomato the end it is still no good. Tomato 1, me 0....but it sure took a beating ;-)

#2 - Fresh - cucumbers from the greenhouse. The first goodies for the season (not counting the couple of strawberries so far :D)

# 3 - Multiples - decided to draw the cp's before putting them away. I had used them to draw some cards for  ICAD 2015

# 4 - Underneath - the corner rounder punch

#5  Very -  very useful corner punch! Had I planned ahead I could have had both sketches on one page...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Scavenger Hunt # 411

Hunt #411 is well underway already.

#1 - Pencil sharpener
#2 - Purple - so I decided to draw both the sharpeners on my desk together. The purple one is a little battery operated one and it works really well. Much better than expected !

# 3 - something starting with 'B' - blue bubble make mix. I'm fascinated by the patterns this very simple technique creates! I made an extra sheet of card stock to use on cards, I liked it so much.

# 4 - a handle. Here on the small hammer I use in my craft room...if all else fails use a hammer, right? ;-)

# 5 - Measuring cup & spoon. I bought this set back in about '83. No surprise then that the edge is literally warn through. It has served me well...even though I melted the poor spoon with hot oil...sigh.
Not liking the quick cross hatching on this. Too harsh.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 410

This hunt runs from June 22 - 30 (2015) drop by to see some great sketches! The list, very cleverly, consists of opposites. As before I will continue to add images til the hunt is over.

My plan is to show the opposites in one drawing :

#1 - Organic - the 3 quail eggs
#2 - Inorganic - the bowl

I scribbled this really quickly while waiting for the potatoes to boil and then added ink and wc without making any changes, hence the wonky bowl.

#3 - Solo - the ring
#4 - Pair - the earrings

I bought these in South Africa when we visited there back in 2013. The ring, which is rather large, is a fun 'out there' kind of thing. And I really like it! The earrings too are rather novel : little spoons with ear wires threaded through the whole in the cross on top of the crown. Fun!

#5 - Old - the black sandals. I thought I had something stuck under my shoe from the curious sound it was making. Turns out it had cracked. That was a new one on me, but these shoes sure did many miles!
# 6 - New - red sandals. No time to waste, had to get shoes straight away...

#7 - Open
#8 - Closed
This is my index card box containing the icad cards completed thus far. (To see the cards, go here)

# 9 - Inside
# 10 - Outside

One babushka dwarf inside the other and then outside (and drawn from behind)

And that's it for this hunt for me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 409

The next hunt is on... #409  June 14-22

I'm a little late to the party, but here goes. As before I will add more images to the thread as I have them.

#1 - Black and white, just a quickie before lunch.

Slow hunt for me this time round..

#2 - A Shop

#3 - 'Purple'

Not much sketching time this weekend, but the ocean/beach was great ;-)

Off to get the list for hunt 410!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Drawing - Scavenger Hunt 408

Still trying to draw daily. Really with these quick Hunt sketches there is no excuse for me not to draw every day. The idea is that the sketches take 10-15 minutes. I seldom keep to that, and partly because I use wet media, BUT I seldom sketch for more than 30 minutes, and really....that sort of time slot should be easy enough to find every day!

I have to look well, and draw well, quickly to end up with something I'm pleased with and that takes practice. There is no other way and there are no shortcuts!

Scavenger Hunt 408 is still running at the time I post this. I will continue to add more drawings till the 14th.

Items 1, 2 and 3 (that glass - my water container- turned out ghastly...)

My sunglasses (overs) drawn in increments while hubby ran errands in town. Finally finished it off at home.

And my trusty sidekick on the craft/drawing table - a spray bottle for water. Wetting paints, cleaning stamps etc. It need a refill I see ;-)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Giraffe - Digital Drawing

The goofy look on this giraffe face was what drew me to the picture to draw it. I must say I am not enjoying it as much as I had hoped, but still it is a good exercise in getting back to doing more 'finished' art again.

 I'm using Artrage for this.

Starting with a quick line drawing blocking in major shapes and colour areas.

Blocking the colours  - the reference picture is right next to me.

Next I added the background to help with values.

One can just barely make out the texture of the paint on the background. I used my usual 'recipe' for making dark colours/backgrounds like this : green, blue, red and sometimes a little black.

My custom colour palette.

Adding details to the eyes. I like that I can zoom right in to see exactly what I'm doing. It sure helps prevent eye strain!

 A blend of different colours for the forehead.

This is where I am at now. I've only done some initial colour on the neck, lots more to do there.
I'm working from the head down adding detail.

All I need is a fine audio book to keep me sitting at the computer and this will be done in a few more sittings! (Reference photo is from the Wetcanvas Image Library)