African Treasures 1 - Update

Well a lot has happened in the last 2 years, but it is good to be back doing more consistent art again.

I have not taken part in many Scavenger Hunts over at Wetcanvas lately, because it seemed to become really tedious to me. It became work, really hard work without any joy. That is a time for me to change things up. Hard work is fine, but no joy means I need to change things around a bit.

So I dug up the Giraffe painting in Artrage and finished it off - I posted about that recently. I have started another couple, and I may or may not finish those. For now I'm exploring some of the new upgrades in the programme.

I also picked up where I had left off with 'African Treasures 1' that I had started quite a while ago. Might even be 2 years since I did the drawing - as I said lots happened these last two years, and it was not 'art that happened'

I took the reference photos at a home where we were visiting and just loved the play of dark and light on the carved 'fruit' in the wooden bowl. When I finish this I will give a full account of the symbolism of this piece, for now we'll stick to progress shots.

At this point all was going well and it was exciting to be working again - Prisma Colour Pencils on Stonehenge cream coloured paper. 13" x 13"

Then I decided to try blending the dark bowl with Gamsol. So far so good, I liked the result! 

Only...then I used the Gamsol on some of the lighter multi coloured areas created by all those wonderful reflections on the fruit. 

Not good...the Gamsol intensified the colours much more than the pastel shades I was wanting. Ugh.

'Blood', sweat and (almost) tears later and I have managed to salvage it. Now if I can keep myself from more reckless deeds, I might just be able to finish this without another crises!

Here is where I was at a couple nights ago.

I have another drawing to finish off asap as I have someone waiting for it, and have just started a Scratchboard piece. I'm literary 30 minutes into scratching. Never done it before, so it is a learning curve, but I do like the feel of it.

And my head is positively brimming with more ideas for this 'African Treasures' series!


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