Scavenger Hunt # 444

I totally missed Hunt 443. Yikes! And for #444 I only have these to show.

Tomorrow the new hunt starts and I'm hosting. Here's hoping I get more done!

01 - I grabbed the closest stuff to me - a notepad- to scribble this very quick sketch of a squirrel on the deck. As you know, they never sit still for long.  I added the wc later to see how the notepaper will take it.

For this page I decided to sketch with the paint(large) brush and only add wc after. Just something different for me.

02 - beans (haricots)

03 - spice - turmeric and I decided to try and paint the little pile of turmeric using turmeric. Interesting. And not very successful

04 - grabbed the first piece of fruit at hand - a banana.

At least I did better than the last hunt!


  1. Both of these sketches are fun. You can see the movement in the squirrel.


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