Scavenger Hunt # 439

The new hunt started a couple days ago. I'm hosting again!

I did this quickie yesterday. It was one of those (thankfully rare) days where even drawinga circle was hard pencil would not go where I wanted it to..

Magnet - 3 different magnets (challenge)
Ink and water colour in my 5.5 x 8.5 Strathmore Sketchbook.

I was only going to draw one tin, but then I saw the others and thought - why not.... so I drew 3 :)

I was thinking to myself " a lid, really, a LID??" how boring? What was I thinking putting that on the list? "

Then I looked up and saw how many lids were right in front of me on the table...

I did #4 all in ink...I always thought this radio is ugly. Now that I've drawn it, I know just HOW ugly. But the sound is good...

And #5 - a light on my desk. Ink & water soluble graphite.


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