Scavenger Hunt # 436

The new Hunt is underway.

My first offering will have any person intent on perspective cringe. I know how it feels. I'm cringing too...

But part of the problem was bad visibility through the closed door. And part of it was the fact that I was wearing the wrong glasses, and I was rushed....and there you have it. A pile of excuses. HA!

Ink and water colour pencil in the little 8.5 x 5.5 Strathmore Sketchbook.

# 1 - view from one room looking into the next.

Well I sat down with the tablet the other day, having just downloaded the SketchbookXpress app and remembered there was something about a stack of rectangles. I forgot it only needed 3, but here is the drawing anyway. A bit hard to draw with a finger. I'd like to get a stylus sometime and then maybe the full Artrage app. But that is 'maybe' ;)

So last night, after returning home from the library I sketched 3 'new' books from the library....and a bit more of the coffee table.


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