Scavenger Hunt # 435

The hunt started on the 8th and I finally got round to a bit of sketching....

# 1 a (heart shaped) rock we found on the beach many years ago.
# 2 something from outside - a sand dollar.
# 3 unique - a snail shell. not too many where I live, mostly slugs around here.

Do very much like drawing natural objects, no doubt about that one!

For #4 today - salt and pepper shakers - a pair of skating snowmen. It took 25-30 minutes to do. It was nice to break out some brighter colours again!

I have 3 differently shaped things side by side today.

# 5 tag punch
# 6 corner rounder
# 7 glue stick

I had only a little time to draw, so grabbed what was right in front of me. Took about 20-25 minutes?


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