Scavenger Hunt # 434

Hunt # 434 started last year ;-) and runs until the 8th.

So much for my plan to sketch every day in 2016....but hey! 1 out of 2 isn't too bad. Ha!

Cup & saucer
One of those handy little sets that go together. I really like how the hot teapot warms the cup up too. Makes for a nice warm cuppa!

Graphite and water colour. In my Strathmore 8.5" x %.5" sketchbook

I should probably just read a book or something today. Was thinking of doing a jigsaw, but that may be too advanced for today....after I totally messed up, tried to fix...only to mess it up more....a card for a friend, I tried to sketch...and we can all see how THAT turned out.


still here it is, spills, splotches and wonky wires (nothing quite like a sleeve caught on a book, is there?!?)

 # 3 electric tool (heat/embossing gun) posting it, I realized I need more colour in a few places...LOL

Things are slowly getting back into a bit of a routine I think...(says the eternal optimist :D )

Doing this sketch I realized I did not note that the first one with the teapot and cup & saucer also covers Challenge #1. Maybe I'll do another combination one tomorrow ;)

Here # 4 is a wooden bowl. Right side up and then for Challenge #2 I also drew it upside down.

# 5 - Folded cloth
# 6 - art supply. I drew the palette knife, then I remembered that is a tool not a supply. So I added the (very yellow!) kneaded eraser instead.

#6 is also for the 'grouping items together challenge'

#7 - small appliance. I did a quick sketch over breakfast while doing a few another things too...this is the coffee maker, before I put it to use this am


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