Scavenger Hunt # 433

The hunt started a few days ago...actually quite a few, it ends tomorrow. Yikes!
I did get round to 2 drawings/ 3 items. Not good, but better than nothing!

A (blue) ribbon and an elastic (attached to the bow)

And a gift I like - Qwirkle Cubes.

I did take a few hours yesterday to clean out the studio area (now just a closet really), cut paper, got refs ready and am ready to start with art. But not today. 'Life' is in the way today.
I also discovered an unfinished piece which I will be finishing and a couple pastels that I find I like much more now, than when I painted them.

Funny that....

Hope to be back soon with more.

Plans changed - I had time to do these (took about 20 min)


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