Scavenger Hunt # 431

I'm hosting this one....

Scavenger Hunt #431

Got some art supplies sketched yesterday

and then some kitchen utensils today...

Funny how I get more done when I lump them together like this....hhmmmm

3 tubes - toothpaste, glue and water colour paint. I was in a hurry and did not want to get caught up in the details so I did not add the lettering, but decided to add just patches of colour so it does not look too grey.

3 craft/hobby items -

and I did 3 spheres/balls...I wondered what I should look for to draw...and then I walked past the Christmas tree :-) That was easy....

and 3 items from the grocery shelves... I'm on a roll, haven't done this many items for a hunt in quite a while!

3 items from a drawer (talk about random!)

Well I put shoulder to the wheel today. I knew I needed to do this today or it will not happen.
I don't remember ever completing a hunt, but since I found pages in a sketchbook from Hunt #4 this weekend, I consider it perfectly normal not to remember that far back.

I have 3 things from a closet/cupboard (that crystal leaf shaped bowl turned into a total grey messy blob. Actually I think it would be a great item for a detailed graphite/charcoal drawing. But for now it is a blob)

and 3 things from the laundry. The bucket is smaller than it should be but the other 2 items are to scale.

It feels good to have accomplished this = drawn all the items on the list 26 (27 actually!) in total. It certainly makes a difference whether I lump things together or not. I shall be trying to do that as much as possible for future hunts.

I'm also thinking that it will be interesting a good practice to change up the media used for each hunt. I've done that before and it was good. Looking back over my sketchbooks though, these ink and water colour sketches remain my favourites!


  1. Beautiful sketch and drawing work... love the fine, delicate line you have and the subtle colour shading. Thanks so much for your lovely comment over at PaperArtsy. Much appreciated.
    Alison x


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