Scavenger Hunt # 426

A new hunt is (well) underway - # 246

I've made a start. The hand is ok for drawing if I'm careful and pay attention to what I'm doing....yikes!

# 1 - my fist from underneath. Graphite. I enjoy doing this kind of drawing...

# 2 - 3 different leaves. I picked the smallest leaf off the Big Leaf Maple that I could find, but it was still too big to draw in scale with the leaf picked up in town (looks like a type of maple) and the small Japanese Maple leaf. This was also fun to do even if the sketchbook paper is a challenge when I try to layer colour. Still I'm getting better at working around it's dislike of lots of water!

# 3 - Fist from above - graphite

# 4, 5 and 6

Something to draw with, to add colour with and to write with. Current favourites. Ha.
Ink & water colour for this one.

and 3 more. Looks I'm doing groups of 3 this time. Mind you, I could hardly fit more on a page, this little book is so small.

# 7 - something made of metal (sauce ladle)
# 8 - something made of wood (salad fork/server)
# 9 - something made of plastic (basting brush)

I'm hosting the next hunt and hope to get a little more done. But don't hold your breath ;-)


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