Scavenger Hunt # 424 & 425

Well Hunt # 424 came and went and I managed the amazing total of one drawing. YIKES!

Not good...

But the old hand is feeling much better and drawing is -most of the time- no longer painful!

Very good...

So for Scavenger Hunt #425

#01 - potato peeler(s). I've had the metal one for many many years. Hubby sharpens it when needed, but a few months ago I gave a friends the job of peeling potatoes and she was appalled by my peeler. hahahahahahaha. so the next time she came by, she brought me 2 of these different style peelers. teeeheee. It took me a while to get comfortable with it, but it sure was easy to peel with a sore thumb. my middle finger fits nicely into the hole to pull the peeler down. Winner!

I'm still working in my Scavenger Hunt Strathmore Sketch book. 5.5" x 8.5".  And here I resisted the urge to add ink, so it is graphite and water colour only.

#02 - Tongs. Nice stainless ones...but I still manage to pinch myself with them LOL

#03 -  Yellow - I had to open drawers for this one. Not too many yellow things readily available around me. I was rather surprised by that...The cutter dates back from the late 70's (gasp) and the plastic thingamabob is a clay tool.


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