Scavenger Hunt # 421

Maybe one day I'll get to doing something other than hunts's been a loooong time...

Scavenger Hunt #421 is on the go right now.

My #1 - Stoned fruit cut in half (well I drew it first, then pulled it apart- smelled so delicious!- drew it and then enjoyed it. It was very tasty indeed!

Managed a couple more quikies for this hunt. I do not know where the time went on this one!

# 3 - fancy frame (my idea of ;) ) pewter frames from Africa, featuring animals (surprise!! haha) these are 2 separate frames, in the drawing it looks like I have one looong frame!

# 4 - handcrafted - Napkin ring, carved beautifully, also from Africa

# 5 - something hollow - salt & pepper shakers, from Africa. The fruit is hollowed out (tastes delicious btw!) and plugged with a plastic plug (pepper shaker on the right) Animal figures and geometric designs are 'etched' into the outer layer of the fruit. (I shall have to add more shadows to this one when the paint is totally dry I think...


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