Scavenger Hunt 420

I'm a bit late posting to this party... but here goes. The Hunt is HERE

My plan was to add something inside and next to this little tin...but that just never happened. I'm appalled by the inaccuracy of the sizes though. That lid would never fit on the bottom. Ugh.

Twig - well this one has a cone attached, but it cut such a fine figure, it had to be drawn!

I used Graphitint pencils for the colour in this. I like the Graphitint although it feels more like I'm drawing with a coloured pencil than graphite.

I had to make a little colour chart to know what colour the leads will be once water is added. I cannot tell well enough from the leads themselves

And this drawing was done with only the 'Midnight Black' Graphitint - fingers and toes look so strange when isolated from the rest of the hand/foot.


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