Scavenger Hunt 419

Hunt 419 has been on the go since the 2nd. I finally got to drawing today -

Ink and watersoluable graphite in my Strathmore Sketchbook (5.5 x 8.5)

# 1 - Pump (from a lotion bottle)
# 2 - manmade - the dividers
# 3 - lightbulb. those all in one nightlight bulbs

Got 2 more done today...felt a bit out of sorts. Usually sketching helps to straighten me out again...not so much today...wasn't even happy with the sketches  

04 - feather light...well not so light as a feather I think. This is a big one. I drew it much smaller (the page is 8.5" across)
05 - organic (shell) 
06 - delicious snack.(chocolate in a that you can really tell. It tasted good though!)

All pen (ink) and Graphitint pencils, a touch of water soluble pencil and a few drops of wc


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