Scavenger Hunt # 417

On to a new hunt #417

Since I have already drawn these in the past with ink & watercolour. I decided to go with a digital drawing instead. It is interesting to see how different they are. I rushed through the second one as it was time for lunch, but still...

The first one was done using Artrage

And the second one done in Photoshop. It's been a while since I've done digital Scavenger Hunts

# 3 - a flashlight. This is a big one...and rather wonky...sigh...

# 4 - 'thumb pressed to the palm of the hand' -  It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to fall back onto what I know/ think I know when I draw something familiar, instead of looking at it carefully and drawing what I see

# 5 - something from the fridge - this cucumber (I like them cold), the second one from the second batch to ripen in the greenhouse. The little orange pepper is small, but it's the first one to ripen and considering we nearly lost it to aphids....I'm happy it made it this far!

# 6 - three things from a drawer -  I pulled the drawer behind me open and pulled out 3 things. The best thing about these hunts ia that it gets me drawing more frequently and the next best thing is that it gets me drawing things I would otherwise never think of is both challenging and interesting as it forces me to explore many more items around me!


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