Hosting Scavenger Hunt # 418

I'm hosting the new Scavenger Hunt # 418 . Come and draw with us!

My first sketch is of a butterfly found dead on my petunia plant. So delicate and beautiful!

Ink and graphite

And another of a Pine Siskin feather I found on the deck. I'm amazed it hadn't blown away before I found it! I measures 2" (5cm) long! I stuck the feather onto the page, above the much larger drawing.

Interesting gardening gloves to draw. I was fascinated as to how I can suggest cloth (corduroy) and leather while still working fast in the 'spirit' of the challenge. It is one of the good sides to these quick drawings - learning how to portray different shapes/ textures/materials/angles all while working quickly but accurately.

Time for a 'still life' set-up

04 - paperclip (jumbo with butterfly attached -intended as a bookmark)
05 - roll of baker's twine
06 - zipper
07 - inch sized (the orange pawn game piece)
08 - die (multi-sided for playing math games)
09 - q-tip
10 - thread (purple embroidery floss)

11 - knitted texture- boring garter stitch should have done a cable or some such piece instead! 
12 -puzzle - Boggle game cube. Scratched up from spending years in my purse. Came in very handy back in the days of waiting for the school bus!

On the weekend I did this drawing of some beautiful crab claws Tim brought to show us. I took the picture with the claws still on the page.


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