Scavenger Hunt # 414

Yikes! My plan of a daily sketch is so simple, yet somehow many days it simple doesn't happen.

Hunt 414 is underway and so far I have one page with 3 little sketches. The hunt runs till the 1st.

3 Items so far - a furry something, mouse and glasses...
Must. Draw. Today!

Having finished the ICAD for this year, you'd think I have time, right?

And so I did manage to add one more for today!

I streeeeetched the envelope a bit and got :
used when wet - the paint brush
used when dry - the mop brush that never sees water ;)
melts - the watercolour blocks in this pan
dissolves - you guessed it....the watercolour blocks
hardens - yup...the watercolour (like the white that so seldom sees water) ;)

I know I know....but I really wanted to have 'record' of this OLD paintbox of mine.
I realized when uploading that I still needed to put black in the white areas inside the paint colours. That is where the blocks are all gone.


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