Scavenger Hunt # 411

Hunt #411 is well underway already.

#1 - Pencil sharpener
#2 - Purple - so I decided to draw both the sharpeners on my desk together. The purple one is a little battery operated one and it works really well. Much better than expected !

# 3 - something starting with 'B' - blue bubble make mix. I'm fascinated by the patterns this very simple technique creates! I made an extra sheet of card stock to use on cards, I liked it so much.

# 4 - a handle. Here on the small hammer I use in my craft room...if all else fails use a hammer, right? ;-)

# 5 - Measuring cup & spoon. I bought this set back in about '83. No surprise then that the edge is literally warn through. It has served me well...even though I melted the poor spoon with hot oil...sigh.
Not liking the quick cross hatching on this. Too harsh.


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