Scavenger Hunt 410

This hunt runs from June 22 - 30 (2015) drop by to see some great sketches! The list, very cleverly, consists of opposites. As before I will continue to add images til the hunt is over.

My plan is to show the opposites in one drawing :

#1 - Organic - the 3 quail eggs
#2 - Inorganic - the bowl

I scribbled this really quickly while waiting for the potatoes to boil and then added ink and wc without making any changes, hence the wonky bowl.

#3 - Solo - the ring
#4 - Pair - the earrings

I bought these in South Africa when we visited there back in 2013. The ring, which is rather large, is a fun 'out there' kind of thing. And I really like it! The earrings too are rather novel : little spoons with ear wires threaded through the whole in the cross on top of the crown. Fun!

#5 - Old - the black sandals. I thought I had something stuck under my shoe from the curious sound it was making. Turns out it had cracked. That was a new one on me, but these shoes sure did many miles!
# 6 - New - red sandals. No time to waste, had to get shoes straight away...

#7 - Open
#8 - Closed
This is my index card box containing the icad cards completed thus far. (To see the cards, go here)

# 9 - Inside
# 10 - Outside

One babushka dwarf inside the other and then outside (and drawn from behind)

And that's it for this hunt for me!


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