Drawing - Scavenger Hunt 408

Still trying to draw daily. Really with these quick Hunt sketches there is no excuse for me not to draw every day. The idea is that the sketches take 10-15 minutes. I seldom keep to that, and partly because I use wet media, BUT I seldom sketch for more than 30 minutes, and really....that sort of time slot should be easy enough to find every day!

I have to look well, and draw well, quickly to end up with something I'm pleased with and that takes practice. There is no other way and there are no shortcuts!

Scavenger Hunt 408 is still running at the time I post this. I will continue to add more drawings till the 14th.

Items 1, 2 and 3 (that glass - my water container- turned out ghastly...)

My sunglasses (overs) drawn in increments while hubby ran errands in town. Finally finished it off at home.

And my trusty sidekick on the craft/drawing table - a spray bottle for water. Wetting paints, cleaning stamps etc. It need a refill I see ;-)


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