Scavenger Hunt 407

The new hunt (lasting till June 6th) started today - Hunt 407

I will update the thread with the rest of the drawings along the way!

I like to choose objects for the hunts that have meaning or memories attached to them. Looking back over my sketchbooks, they are like journals of people, places and things, full of memories and associations.

We used the erasers in this drawing for game pieces when the kids were young and they still hold memories of a phase in our lives. I'm glad to have included them in my visual journal at last.

Found this 'Outside' and decided it needs to be drawn. Naturally.

These were surprisingly difficult to draw. Partially because they are rather wilted, but also because the shape is a little nondescript...

After visiting with friends Sheila gave me this little buttercup. These tiny flowers have the most amazingly bright colours. And a natural sheen too. (I smudged some of the yellow paint on there...sigh...

Lacking time at home to sketch I grabbed the sketchbook and a pencil when we headed into town to run errands and while hubby was busy I got drawing : first his sunglasses (from underneath)

and then my knee with the sketchbook/journal on top. I was thinking of one of those pictures that goes on and on and on...the sketchbook with the drawing of the sketchbook of the drawing etc etc. But I never finished this one as he wrapped up his business sooner than I expected and there is no way I'm going to try to get those folds in my pants 'just so' again. Naturally.

and finally this Pau shell necklace, bought in Hawai'i. The paper does not tolerate water colour so I have to work really fast and blending is hard to do....needless to say I wasn't able to capture the shell, but I think it is good enough to bring back memories even years from now.


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