Scavenger Hunt 405

The new Scavenger Hunt is on...

I combined 3 items in one drawing..... I snapped the pic quickly with the tablet in low light, so it is not the best...but it is convenient ;)

and 2 more in this one. That stapler dates back from my high school days. They used to make things that last.

and one more for now...a fun gift from a friend who knows I like large mugs and anything with 'snow'

Unfortunately the black ink bled into the pink of the flower. The flowers are so light in colour that they seem to be white.

I like to draw everyday objects I use all the time...

Butternuts have really quirky shapes. One only really notices this when you start to draw them.

And that's all I managed for this hunt...a baker's dozen. On to Hunt #406

For future hunts, I think I will collect all the pictures and make one post per hunt. Easier I think and nicely collected in one place too.


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