Maybe I found it?

Referring the the box with my art file information in. I was beginning to wonder if it had vapourized....when I spotted a likely candidate. It would be nice to update those pages at the top with the rest of the images and the information!

Meantime I've discovered some more Scavenger Hunt items that I did in Artrage. (all the way back in August)
I've done some in a traditional sketchbook, which I have not even scanned yet. The Hunt was over before I had unpacked the scanner. But hey! We're getting there settling back in!

This polymer clay necklace is so old, but I still love wearing it. It was one of the first I made.

And these seed pods are so pretty. They have perfectly round little black seeds in them that look like round beads.

I'm looking forward to hauling out the paper pack, trimming a piece of Stonehenge....and drawing...then again, maybe it'll be Arches and watercolours...hmmmmmm


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