Simon and The Nectarines

It is summer time...peach and nectarine time! Well, the peaches never made it to the 'let me draw you stage' least not yet, but these nectarines did not escape.

Trying out the pastel tool in the new Artrage version. It is a Scavenger Hunt entry so it is a quickie, but I feel happy I captured the fruit adequately. the plate is an entirely different story though...hehehehe

Done on 4"x6" paper so I can print these out, slip them into and album/bind them and have a sketchbook full of my digital sketches. This one is pastel.

I also managed to get a lot more done on the dog portrait I was working on, or should have been working on. I started it way back in 2011. Then for more than a year never touched it...until yesterday. Now it is done save for a few more touches here and there. After I hear from the dog's owner to make sure I captured his personality. But I'm confident that I have. He is such a character this one...Simon!

All Prisma colours on black Stonehenge paper, roughly 8"x10"


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