Meetings and Doodling?

Seeing as the last post talked about me drawing during  a staff meeting….look what happened a couple months ago, when there was a rather nice ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper on the table – again!
I covered the paper in doodles. And recorded some stuff from the meeting to boot. Details of which I shall not disclose at this point though. Winking smile
The feather was in memory of the plaintive call ringing out over the field during the entire meeting. Like a sandpiper’s call.
Last meeting I took a book and pen, ready to doodle. And it turned out really ‘meh’ I think I do spontaneous/ incidental much better. We’ll see what happens this week during the meeting.
Do you doodle?
I have sketches to scan and as soon as I have them ready, I’ll show them here ‘k?


  1. I absolutely love this. Reminds me of an artist I saw once on the internet that teaches his kids in high school to do something similar. It was basically different shapes that meet together to create one larger art piece. It represented how no one thing is small when all small things are brought together.


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