Meetings and Sketching

If I were to have paper and pencil in every meeting I attend, I shall be sure to have lots to post to this blog.

Make note to self :-

Carry a little sketchbook  at all times…

There was a piece of paper on the table, and a pencil on the floor when I walked into the room for a staff meeting last week. Pencil and paper go together like a horse and carriage, right?

My keys, right in front of me were the obvious subjects.

For once I enjoyed a meeting and was – almost- sorry it was over Winking smileI’m just not a meeting kinda person and find myself slipping off into daydream world after 5 minutes.

Unless I draw, or keep my hands busy!


Maybe I should carry the Scavenger Hunt lists with me in my new little sketchbook-in-the-bag strategy.



  1. Hallo Charne wie eintlik Sophia Charlotte sou wees! Dit is nou so lekker om jou blogs deur te kyk - jy het definitief die "Sophia Charlotte" bloed in jou are! Ek dog ek laat jou net weet dis lekker om van jou te hoor en ek hoop jy geniet die boek(e). Jy kan ons blog ook volg

  2. ....and you're sure you actually listened to the meeting??? If I did drawings like these during a meeting, I wouldn't be able to listen to what was going on at all/ Lol! Nice doodlings!

    ~ Nancy


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