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These hunts over at Wetcanvas remain a challenge and a great way to keep on drawing regularly. I just need to make the time to do it. You know what it can be like sometimes when you have this ‘thing’ in you head that it takes long to do or is an effort and the window of time that I have is not enough…..hogwash all of it. That is just the point of a Hunt. The sketches are supposed to be quick. Something that I can do in my lunch hour. I have no excuses. No good ones anyway.


But after that little rant at myself….I do have a couple to share.

This one I did  just after Christmas.  A lacy snowflake….what was I thinking? I mean all those little holes? Take it from me : if you do want to make quick sketches, don’t choose lace… Confused smile




I was looking through my one sketchbook, filled with Scavenger Hunt drawings only. What surprised me was the enjoyment, delight and fun I had. With every turn of the  page I was confronted with something that was loaded with memories. That is the neatest thing about these hunt sketchbooks – they are filled with ordinary everyday objects. A veritable treasure trove of memories. Like this snowflake ornament. A Christmas gift from a friend in Europe. We’ve been exchanging little Christmas items for a couple decades now, and this one is immortalised in my sketchbook! ( Maybe next time I should try drawing this on on a dark background….)


Here is one I did today. You would think that after doing a drawing full of holes I would think twice before I draw something full of little stars, right? I must be a slow learner or something…Winking smile


blue hunt 298


I did both of these in ArtRage with ink pen and water colour. Different papers though. Although you cannot see it at the resolution here, the bottom one has a nice rough texture. Yummy!


I’ll be back with more soon. Really. Watch me!


  1. Cute drawings Charne! A scavenger hunt sounds interesting! Keep posting! ;)
    **waving from Arkansas**


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