More Drawings


We are running a mini scavenger hunt here on the base with a bunch of (very talented) young people. My Lemon Squeezer also fitted a category there and then this ‘bottle’ for the Wetcanvas hunt fitted the ‘something that smells good’ for the local hunt Open-mouthed smile

Two for the price of one.


This afternoon I took a  handful of items, piled them onto the table and we (the talented group of young persons mentioned above) proceeded to draw these. hehehehe what was I thinking with the items I chose? Well I know what I was thinking, but I also realized how long it has been since I’ve sat down and just sketched something like this! Much to long indeed. It was fun and really got me working to get it right. Not perfect, but I was pleased. Only I really need a large piece of paper and a fat stick of charcoal. And then some soft pastels too. And all of these needed items are currently too many miles to the north of me….sigh….



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