Pet Peeve

Colour pencil pet peeve....say that fast 10 times. Ugh...when you're nicely layering know, all zoned out and all that....and suddenly a piece of grit appears, from seemingly, nowhere...oh how I hate that! grrrr! that is enough to make me save all those gritty pencils and then put them to work on a nice piece of sanded paper.
Cranky artist revenge....or something like that. HA!

This is what I'm working on, and the picture isn't good...I had to meet the school bus! but it is at least prove I am working. The first question just about anybody asks me when we meet is 'how's the art going?' you know LOL


  1. Looking good so far! You're killin' me with that small photo :) As for the grit, argh! I've been keeping my x-acto blade handy for removing gritty pieces off my paper, it has become a new favorite tool!

  2. I always enjoy finding a cp artist. I look forward to seeing more of this piece. It looks great so far!


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