Follow my own advice.

Well if the advice is truly good...then follow it!
I thought the idea of drawing something for the Scavenger Hunt was good advice, so I set about it promptly, over a lunchtime cup of tea..ok late lunchtime cup of tea...
Now remember the idea of the hunts is to get you drawing daily...and not perfectly. Usually we say how long it takes to draw, but I usually forget to check the clock. Still as soon as I feel I have captured the essence of whtaever I'm working on, I stop and move on to something else.
I thought I had reached that point in this quick sketch and fixing it to be perfect would mean redoing a lot etc etc. And defeat my purpose.
I should have scaled the canvas texture down a bit so it would not be so rough, but that is part of the process of learning about your tools and media.

I used the chalk (aka pastel) in ArtRage and the original line drawing is done in pencil, although I have covered most of that with the pastel.

That was fun...but now I really need to follow the rest of my advice and clean the house!


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