Better late than never?

I think so...anyway, life happens too, right? Norma and daughter Lori, managed to take a selection of candid pictures of animated in conversation as -probably- only I can be....sigh...LOL
But among them all was this one...that I'm pleased enough with! At this stage I've only cropped these, I have not tried to improve/work on them in Photoshop yet!

Norma figured nobody would believe it if I did post a 'straight faced' picture of her, so she opted for this one with Lori! (remember her painting is called 'Orchids for me Lori?!?)

And if ever I attend an opening night that I enjoy...I'll.....what will I do? something silly I'm sure. I hate going to opening nights...


  1. Well hot dang....look at all those great faces! Charne, you look great there next to your beautiful piece, and Norma.. well Norma does too (wouildn't expect anything but a "face" from her would we?) Even Lori has a face now ;). Love the ribbons, congratulations you two!


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