ArtRage gets water colour???

Last night I thought I had fainted and woke up in ArtRage heaven! I was browsing the ArtRage forums you see when I heard :
It seems the new upgrade is in the final stages and we impatient folks won't have to wait toooooo long anymore. What excited me most was that they've added water colours! wooooohooooo. I hope it'll be super splendid, terrific....just like the current software!


And just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about : ArtRage is the most amazingly intuitive virtual art making software available. Small download (well currently, i think the upgrade will be heftier), easy to run and amazing to work with.

A trial version is available...I had mine for only a few hours when I went ahead and bought the full $25.00 an amazing deal!

Show you what I mean : I was just doodling here, playing with the new presets for canvasses that I had downloaded. hence the notes re the paper on the sketches This was back in January, as you can see.

and closer :

and a bit closer...

Not bad for a virtual set-up....I'm soooo looking forward to trying their water colour, I'm like a kid waiting for a birthday.

BTW, these two drawing were a part of my Scavenger Hunt over at Wetcanvas. I really like doing those even if I'm quite pathetic to post my parts....which is really what you should do...but there is only so many hours in the day right? However I think I'm going to try and do just one Hunt a month...I'm sure I must be able to do that?!?

Time will tell I guess.... I dare you : download ArtRage trial and let's do a Hunt together!


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