Norma's Orchids

Here they are!

"Orchids For Me Lori" (Acrylic on Canvas; 24"x12") won "Honourable Mention" for the Spring Show.

This image is small, but I assure you it is beautiful irl! You can see more of Norma's work here

Thanks for letting me post this Norma! Now get cracking with those CP's girl!


  1. Hey you! You blow my horn so well - lol
    Take over for the next couple of months - then I'll be back.

    Congrats again on the award!

  2. Whaddaya mean...couple months? get back here and get to work! ;-)

  3. Oh no you don't missy! I found you out now MZ NORMA! Had to come to Charne's to see yur covert operations.... UH HUH! :P

    Charne, thanks for posting her links! :) I'll put them to good use.

  4. hehe...if Norma can just dig herself out from under all those NUMBERS! that'll help too!


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